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Portrait Society of Canada
                        Membership application form


 The Portrait Society of Canada is a professional organization formed to foster and enhance an understanding of practice, techniques of Fine Art Portraiture and Sculpture.
The Portrait Society was established by a group of professional Portrait Artists in Toronto with the purpose of educating and communicating with the public on the Traditions of Fine art Portraiture and Sculpture.

     The   Portrait Society provides a membership for Canadian and International Portrait Artists, Sculptors, Visual artists working with Digital and new Media art and General public.
 All eligible Artists dedicated to the Fine Art Portraiture ,Sculpture , Digital portraiture and new media art technology ( including photo bashing, animation) can apply for the Membership at any time. Open to public.
 The Portrait Society Membership is divided into five categories:

  •  Support Member / open to public
  •   Canadian Fine Artist,  Working in traditional art materials, 2D and 3D 
  •   Canadian Visual artist ,working in digital art and New Media art technology
  •  International  Fine and Digital Artist
  •  Corporate /Galleries/ Agents

   1. Support member
Open to general public such as Art Supporter, Art Lovers
      Membership annual fee 200 Cad 

2. Canadian Visual artist , working in Digital Art and New Media art technology

     Open to  Visual Artists  who are dedicated to the discipline of Visual portraiture, using the New Media art technology, including digital art, photo bashing, still and moving 2D and 3D animation, 3D printing) . Must be legal age 16 y.o and reside in Canada
                           Annual Membership Fee 100.00Cads

3. Canadian Portrait artist 
          Open to  Visual  Artists and Sculptors, who are dedicated to the discipline of
         Fine Art Portraiture and Sculpture. Must be of legal age 16 y.o and reside in Canada.          

                       Annual membership fee 100, 00 Cad

4. International Portrait Artist category  Fine and/or  Digital arts
   Open to International Visual Artists, Sculptors, Digital artists, animators.  photographers residing outside of Canada
                    Annual Membership fee 200, 00 USD

5. Corporate
Open to Corporations,such as Artists’ Agencies, Galleries, Artist’s Magazines, Art supply manufactures.
                      Annual membership Fee 500.00 Cad



1. Complete the Membership Application Form.
Please be advised that application will require your Artistic Statement and 3 samples of your Portraiture works- photos, slides, prints are accepted. Support member excluded
2. Enclose your Initiation fee of 300.00  Cad and Membership Annual Fee according to the membership categories (Visa,  Master Card, e-transfer to info@portraitsociety.ca)
3. Send your Application Form along with your initiation and Annual Membership Fee to:
       Portrait Society of Canada
       1057 Steles Avenue West, P.O.Box 81665, Toronto, Ontario M2R3X1, Canada
4. E- mail submissions are acceptable to :info@portraitsociety.ca

       Your Application will be review by the Society Membership Committee within one month.
 All successful candidates will be notified by e-mail.
 All rejected Applications will be returned along with the Initiation Fee and Annual Membership Fee payment.

DOWNLOAD Membership Application Form
(Microsoft Word)


The Society Board strictly controls all usage of the Society name, Logo or Seal. Any endorsement will be subject of appropriate actions of the Board.