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Portrait Society of Canada's 15th anniversary online exhibition:
Contemporary Portrait 2016
Moira Dedrick, Benjamin,
12x12, Oil on canvas,
  Jessie Babin, Kit I,
24x30", Graphite and Pencil on Paper,
  Moira Dedrick, Taylor,
11x14, Oil on canvas,
  Moira Dedrick, Kinalla Griffin,
36x48, Oil on canvas,
Deborah A.A. Kerr, liona boyd,
40"x30", oil,
  Deborah A.A. Kerr, sir peter ustinov,
40"x30", oil,
  Deborah A.A. Kerr, girl in fairy dress,
20"x16", oil,
  Deborah A.A. Kerr, the opera singer Julia,
44"x 30", oil,
Linda LeGrice, "Rose Coloured Glasses",
22"w x 28"h, oil,
  Keith MacPherson, The Letter,
20" x 24", Oil on Canvas,
  Keith MacPherson, Garcon,
24" x 30", oil on Canvas,
  Soheir Morcos, The Dreamer,
18" x 24", Oil on canvas,
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