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2019 Young Artist Portrait Competition
"I was again impressed by the quality of work, both among Kids and Youth competition entries. This year I noticed many works that weren't only well rendered but also very imaginative and unique. I can hardly wait to see what these young artist have to show us next year. Congratulations to all!" - Irena Korosec

"Congratulations to all of you! I see something good in each and every artwork...your drawing ability, your mastery of the medium, your creativity, your thoughts and your dreams. Every artwork is a reflection of you! I encourage you to keep creating. Nobody can do what YOU can do! It is an honour and a privilege to judge your work." - Jane Arnot Kavanagh

Congratulations to this year's winners in the kids and youth categories. Every year, I am amazed at the increasing quality, clarity of vision and attention to detail to these beautifully created art pieces. It makes it increasingly difficult for the jurors to choose. You are all winners when you have entered the art world and your imaginings are committed to canvas. You all have great creative futures ahead of you."
- Jean Harding

Dear Young Artists , congratulation on your competition! Your Artworks are pure treasure in our artistic life, keep creating more works, learn different materials and technique , enjoy your creativity. One day you will become a great Artists. - Veronica Kvassetskaia Tsyglan
Best Kids Portrait Award   Best Youth Portrait Award
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Certificate of Merit
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Certificate of Achievement
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Special award certificate for originality
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Awesome artists certificate    
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