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Canadian-based portrait artist Marjorie Morton, now currently living in Sicily, heads frequently to museums and galleries to draw inspiration. She is working on a full length portrait of a beautiful 10 year old now and shares with us a few fun facts about herself in this interview. Click here to read more,

  With over 30 years under her belt, established portrait artist Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan has been producing museum quality fine art contemporary portraitures. Recognized as one of Canada’s leading contemporary Master portrait artists, she joins the ranks of Stanford’s famous book “who is who” for promoting portraiture in Canada. Her works have been exhibited around the world and she has been asked to do commissions by esteemed people. She is also the founder of the Portrait Society of Canada. In this more intimate interview, she shares with us her passion towards fine art portraiture and her sources of inspiration. She then reveals fun tidbits about herself towards the end. Click here to read more,    
  Winnipeg artist Manuel Matas attempts to depict the human conditions through his portraits. Reminiscent of works by Expressionist artists, Manuel does not make realism his primary goal. Instead, he chooses on trying to capture and express the raw emotions of the person he is painting. In an interview with him, our executive assistant Jacqueline asked a couple of questions related to his artistic practice and some fun fact ones.Click here to read more,    

Canadian portrait artist Steven Rosati, based in Montreal, used the old European masters’ styles and techniques to create his portraits. He strives to capture the sitter’s likeness, beauty, spirit and soul as well as put life into his portraits even when the sitter has passed away. Having been trained in the arts from a very young age, he also shares with us his passion of being an artist.Click here to read more,


Canadian artist Suzanne Joly describes herself as a person passionate about painting and tireless at the easel.  She hovers between light and shadow and is captivated by shapes and colors. Her determined nature combined with a high level of perseverance allows her to spend many hours a week working on my paintings. Of these some will prove to be experimental in nature while others will be displayed on gallery walls. Click here to read more,

  “Work hard, play hard”. That is Jacqueline’s, our Executive Assistant here at Portrait Society, motto that she swears by. Clearly, she has held the first end of the quote. Graduating with Honours a full year earlier than her anticipated graduation date, she is ambitious as well as charmingly witty. With a major in Art History and a double minor in French and Economics, she brings a mixture of skills and abilities to the table. She guides the Artist’s Studio Interviews and acts as one of the editors for Portrait Atelier on top of everything else that she does here with us. As for the “play hard” part, she says, “Don’t worry. Morocco will be here soon enough.”
  The Art of Printmaking: Albrecht Durer (1471-1528). The art of printmaking is widely present today in books, magazines, newspapers, and of course arts. But have you ever thought how it all began? Let’s travel back in time and stop in the epoch of a Rebirth in the Northern Europe. This period is widely known as the Renaissance.Click here to read more,    
  The Venice Biennale of Art, 2013 Something was pulling me towards the Venice Biennale this year. I hadn’t been there since 1997, and that had not been a very inspiring exhibition for me. Rather, it pushed me away. But this year I wanted to go. I hadn’t heard or read anything about it. I just went. Click here to read more,