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" The artist brush is a magic wand that travelled trough time. The painter is only a dreamer "

Biography and Career in Art

I was born in Shawinigan, Quebec, on the 1st of January 1976.  I studied fine art at Laval University, Quebec.  Becoming very much fascinated by the work of great masters; I undertook the study of ancient techniques.  I specialized in the art of portrait and am very much inspired by certain literary and symbolic worlds.  I think that creation is an ordeal facing as much dreams as reality.
I like to analyse people.  That is how I discovered a great passion for portraits.  I sit apart and watch them go by.  I observe their attitude, their hair, their eyes, and develop a kind of complicity that bears beyond this world. When I paint a portrait, I leave impressions on the canvas and compose so that it has to breathe. It has to live by itself and transmit an important message:
                         < What I saw in it is in reality all that I didn't see >


When I paint a portrait, I always work with a photo of the person. Clients can provide me their own photograph or I can also take photographs according to the needs. The photo must be clear and the face must be seen closely enough to see all the details.  Since I frequently work on portraits of era and that I am also costume designer, I offer the client the possibility to prepare a garment for the photo session.  This provides a more realistic mood when comes the time to paint the portrait. 

Upon the clients' desires, I offer the possibility to integrate a fantastic universe around their portrait. We can then discuss together possibilities to find a surrounding corresponding to the image of the person. It could be inspired by their passions, their profession, their personal world… We can also travel through the imagination, fairies, science fiction. Ever since my childhood, these visions are part of me and can be transposed into my paintings.

The portrait for me responds to this question: Who are you really?


Price list

12x16 (head) 1200$
16x20 (head and shoulders) 1600$
20x24 (3/4) 2000$
30x36 and up, 2500$ or more

    • Prices are in Canadian dollars and the artwork is not framed
    • Prices are established for one person only.  Painting more than one person on the same artwork may result in additional costs.
    • The complexity of the background may result in additional charges
    • Delay of execution is to be discussed according to schedules and needs
    • The delivery fees will be under the client's responsibility