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2017 Young Artist Portrait Competition
This year's competition gave us another great collection of talent from our young artists! The jury had such a hard role as there is only a limitted number of awards. All of you are talented and a great future awaits you and we are all very proud of you. Continue to work tirelessly and practice,practice, practice. Let your spirit shine through every line,color and brushstroke. I hope to see more of your work in years to come. Congratulations! - Irena Korosec
Fellow artists, and I do consider each one of you to be an artist, I congratulate you on your portraits!! I see the beautiful work produced by the Kids and Youth that is entered into the Portrait Society of Canada's Competition and I am astounded by the quality and variety of approaches to portraiture that you have achieved. Each entry has a certain excellence to it, something special. I encourage you all to continue on this wonderful path, seeking the beauty, both outer and inner, of the human face. Frame your portraits! Be proud of what you have created! - Jane Arnot Kavanagh
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